Ramadani & Stevie "Sweet Escape"

Unforgettable Getaway

Drizzle, Rain & Fun. These 3 words really sums up our trip.

Seeing how they react to each other has taught me a lot. Sometimes love is not about being romantic or remember every single thing about your loved one. Sometimes it's about caring and how each other really fit in. A great couple know when to speak and when to silent and when to let their partner take control. 

It really makes me envy seeing how perfectly fit they are into each other, because while in Japan we've been through a lot and they just really enjoying every situation and backup each other perfectly. 

Our trip has changed our relationship, before it just client to photographer. Now we're like a close friend that shares a lot, they even gave me and my friend homemade banana cake. I'm so grateful being there witnessing their extraordinary journey.

Till your wedding day Cun" & Stevie :) #japanspring2016