Ghea & Rezza " Wedding Day "

What is the meaning of time, If there is no good faith to meet live with forever.

I quote this words from Ghea during our chit chat after their engagement day.

From them i learn that time is not a proof of how good a relationship was. Both of them used to dating for a long time, but it doesn't works.

Sometimes in relationship it's not about time that matters, sometimes how long you've been in relationship doesn't mean anything at all.

Sometimes all you need is just an ordinary person, who came out of nowhere and just fit into you. And all the sudden the time you used to share just doesn't matter at all.

And all the sudden you find your soulmate, who just perfect for you. It just seems so right, you both understanding each other perfectly.

It's like someone walks into your life and you can't remember how you ever live without them.

// Soulmate.