Wilson & Elisabeth " Romantic Date "

Real Connection

Words from Elisabeth:

We had set the date from months ago with Jo that on 7th April will be a full day for our prewedding session in Kyoto. On that day as i woke up around 5 AM it was raining heavily outside. My closest friends and family know how i really dislike rainny day because i was the type of person who always bring umbrella and raincoat with me all the time.

I remember that morning the first thing my fiancé said when he woke up and noticing me stress about the rain was: "It's okay baby, we will play in the rain and we will dance in the rain. It will be fun and memorable" then weirdly i was hypnotized by him (like i always do,lol).

In life there is nothing definite, nothing is perfect. So it is with love.
Love is not perfect either, but the great things about love is unconditional.

And when you really loving each other unconditionally, no matter the obstacles ahead at least you can holding hands and face everything side by side.